Week 1


Upon taking up my project of creating this concept series, I started by collating images into mood boards, reading the book and making notes of character descriptions. I then went onto creating some rough idea generating for the characters I am going to do. I liked a few of my designs and I really want to take them further but I will await feedback on Monday to see if I can get some guidance on where to take these designs.

Week 2


I developed my designs further to create more polished developments. Upon receiving feedback On these designs I decided to go back to earlier stages of development to revisit some earlier designs. As both me and my tutor felt as though the designs I chose to take further were not very strong and came to the realization
that some of my others would have been better.

Week 3


I took my other designs further into a more developed stage and instantly realized that they were of a much stronger appearance and quality than previous designs. The feedback received from my tutor reflected my own opinion on these new designs and I was more than happy to take one of the characters to a final stage to be created into a promo style final piece.

Week 4


This week I focused my time on creating the final piece for my ‘The red’ Character. I found this profoundly enjoyable as I was very confident in how the design has progressed. Overall I am really happy with its final appearance sticking to visual themes I had decided on from the beginning. I decided to go for a more animalistic pose than I had previously designed in the development stage, which gave this character some much needed drama. I decided to make this piece have an under light to increase the evil factor to the character.g that reflected my research strongly.

Week 5

Using My development I used an image I took of my girlfriend to get a good idea of what pose I wanted for the final piece, for the character Ro. This week I made a good start on the final piece by taking this photo reference and painting on top starting with just a grey-scale pass to figure out the tonal values for this piece

Week 6

By Mondays session I had my piece Finished for Ro, the feedback that I received from Dave made me realize the perspective that I had used for the clothing on the character was off, with the lower proportions of the character, making her legs look rather small so I spent this week rectifying and making changes. 

Week 7

By this week I had made changes to Ro, and got the final piece’s perspective correct. I also felt that the lighting needed tweaking so I made some changes to the contrast of the image, to pick out the tonal values a little more. By the end I was really happy with the overall look to this character it really suited the characters personality in the book.

Week 8

I decided to work on the developmental stage for my interior environment. I wanted to create a lot of detail in this piece to represent the bustling city of Holos. the final design I settled on, had the feeling it was going to be crowded detail, which I liked. I also felt the close crop to the thumbnail would be good to get quite a close look at the detail I am planning to include in this piece.

Week 9

This week I started overlaying photographs over the top of my final thumbnail design for the city. This seemed to be the easiest way to put a lot of detail down quickly. I roughly painted over the top of these photographs. The composition of this shot was quite tight which as I mentioned in last weeks post I felt worked well. Towards the end of the week I had layered up quite a lot of detail. I wanted to keep the grey scale really contrasted to create a grimy aesthetic. I finished off this piece with a small character in the centre and a spot light in the centre of the piece to add a focal point. Finally a wash of colour was applied over the top to create a warm brassy grimy feel.

Week 10

This week I knew I wanted to do another environment but I wanted to do something different from last week, so I started developing another character from the book called Questor Nolan. Typical of his faction in the 40k universe, he is described to have a long hooded cloak large tendril like appendages etc. By mid week I had finished some sketches for this character and started developing some of the ideas I came up with. I wanted to expand on one of the designs I did, that had long limbs that made the design almost look like a scarecrow. Towards the end of the week I set out planning and sketching out the basis for my final piece for this character.

Week 11

After battling with the perspective of this character for a few days last week. I decided I should just proceed to start adding detail to the piece, as I had got it about as good as I could, considering the strange shapes and proportions used. I finished off the grey scale layer above the sketch by midweek, I was really happy with the overall look to the piece and decided to use the rest of the week refining the detail even further and adding in an atmospheric background.

Week 12

Early this week I had completely finished this character and I was really happy with the level of detail I had managed to create. I was also happy with the lighting and how that worked in conjunction with the atmospheric background, making sure they both interacted with each other as they should. The colour palette I chose for this piece was a brassy red mix, as is typical of his faction in the lore of this universe. I wanted to almost wash the piece out with these colours to give it a harmonious feel which added to the grungy aesthetic that is largely typical to games workshop.

Week 13

This week I decided to focus on the exterior environment I had planned to do. This piece I knew I wanted to be an open piece, that had a lot of natural features but combined with Urban features as well. So I set out on trying to combine those elements in my thumbnail designs, which I felt went successfully.

Week 14

The latter portion of last week I decided on a thumbnail to use and this week I have started to develop that piece into a final. I realized with my last environment that it is a lot easier to just use photographs to build up detail first, which is what I did with this piece also. I started painting on top of this piece to try and create some detail and try and merge the photos with the hand painted layers. When this piece was nearing completion I had almost completely replaced the photo reference material underneath for painted. All that was left to do now was to add some colour.

Week 15

I added the final touches to this environment this week by creating a colour layer that I washed over the full piece, creating a mysterious and dark effect. I used this week to put together my pieces in for submission and made sure the presentation of all my work was up to scratch.

Generally I felt the project went really well and the pieces looked great, which fitted into the universe of 40k. There were a few hiccups along the way with perspective etc. On the most part this project went more than smoothly and I have some of the best work I have ever created to show for it. Something I will take from this project, is that I should not always restrict my self to a specific technique and should investigate and explore different methods to producing high quality artwork.